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Gardeningat Kamo Club

Dig in and connect!

The Kamo Club Garden Section meets in the Board Room of the Kamo Club (lower lounge) on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:45 pm, for its Monthly meetings. 

Subscriptions are $10 per year and you must also be a financial Member of the Kamo Club. 

We visit gardens on organised trips (including local Garden Discoveries), have guest speakers and once or twice a year travel to other destinations. 

We raise our funds by participation in the Kamo Club’s Raffles and gardening around the Club so that members can enjoy subsidised visits to most of these ventures. 

We are a very happy , social group of mostly retired Club Members and welcome new members with a like interest in gardening and participation in our very friendly Club. 

Jill Dahl027 285